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Our Heron Bay Marketing Plan

How we get Buyers to pay full price For your home

Every home is unique, so every home should have a marketing plan that is custom made to capture the uniqueness of your home.  Buyers buy with emotion and justify with logic.  Our marketing plan for your home will appeal to the emotions of the buyer to them to choose your home over the others, while providing solid information and market data to justify their need for logic to feel secure about paying your asking price.   Here is our step by step plan on getting it done:

1) Professional Photography:   First Impressions count!  When buyers start their search online, they have 100s of homes to go through to narrow down the 8 to 10 that they will actually view.  Our professional photography will make your home stand out above the rest to out you at the top of the list.

2) Aerial Photography:   Enhance your curb appeal online!  With so many similar models, it may be hard for buyers to differentiate the homes online.  With our aerial photography, your home will stand out and buyers can get a better feel for your home's lot, layout, and location.

3) Interior Video:  Eliminate those tire kickers and get high quality showings.  We make a walkthrough video so that buyers can now see exactly how your home looks while walking through it.  This will allow international and out of town buyers who may not come here for a long time, to be able to speed up their process and make an offer on your home now.

4) Full Website for your home:   Rarely done by agents, we believe this is the most important marketing tool for your home.  We build a full website just for your home, so that buyers can obtain all information from one place:  video, aerials, interior photos, association documents and contact info, amenity info, area info, print a brochure, and much more.   Buyers often tell us "we have been looking at this home on the website for months, and we are now ready to buy it"

5) Custom 4 page glossy Brochure:   Imagine how confused buyers get after seeing 10-20 homes.  They forget which kitchen or view belongs to which house.  Not when you hire us! Every buyer leaves your home with our professionally designed and written custom 4 page brochure.  So when the couple comes home at night after seeing 10 homes, it is your brochure that they look at in the evening, and it is your home they will remember and begin to fall in love with.

6) Professional Copywriter:   A simple list of features doesn't get buyers emotionally involved with your house.  Our professional copyrighter will write a story about the lifestyle that buyers will enjoy when they buy your home and appeal to their emotions. 

7) Advertising on the www.WorldProperties.Com:   Your home will be featured on the #1 international website for real estate so that the whole world will see the website we build for your home. 

8) Advertising on the international MLS System:   Roman's real estate connections reach to over 50,000 of the top brokers worldwide, and we have agreements in place so that these brokers can send their buyers that like your home directly to us so, which means more international buyers for you.

9) Preparing Your Home For Sale:  Just like pre-owned luxury cars, make sure your home is fully certified.   By staging your home, and ordering an appraisal, inspection, title, and home warranty upfront, you can maximize the marketability of your home, and clear all the contingencies upfront so that buyers have no reason to offer you anything less than full asking price.  

10) "Soft Marketing Period" Buyers are not in a rush, so to get them to act faster we have to create an sense of urgency. By soft marketing your home before hitting to the general public, we can get buyers to act now before it hits the market.  If they really like your home, they wont want it to hit the whole market for fear of competition.  Also, by hosting special events with other vendors, when buyers see other buyers in the same place at the same time who also like your home, their competitive spirit will kick in, and they are more likely to offer you full price.

11) We guarantee you full price:  By following our advice and using our full marketing plan, we hold ourselves accountable to you and guarantee your full price, or we will pay the difference out of our own pocket.  Not all homes qualify, so call us for more info and details to see how our programs can work for you.

12)  Weekly Showings and Feedback Report:  Communication is the key.  Every Monday morning, you get a feedback and showings report so that you can see how exactly how many showings you have and what the buyers are saying about your home.

13)  Weekly Market Update:  Knowing your competition is critical.  Every Monday, you will all the new homes that hit the market, went under contract, or sold the previous week. 

14) Full 22 page Monthly Marketing report:  Every 30 days, you receive a full 22 page report, so that you can see how our advertising is working, how we are promoting your home, how the market is changing, and more. 

If you are ready to sell your home for full price guaranteed then click here to contact us now.

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