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Top 10 Apps To Use When Buying or Selling Real Estate

The age of information being right at your fingertips is in full bloom and, as a home seller or buyer, you’ll want to master this craft as soon as possible. Here at Roman Pavlik, we know that nowadays the name of the game is “digital media”. No matter what type of real estate transaction you’re currently taking on, here are some great apps to help you along the way:

1. Realtor.com

FREE on both OS: As the official homepage of the National Association of Realtors, this app is rich with all manner of data and ease of use. Whether it’s listings, financial calculators, or area information, it’s all just a thumb away.

2. Zillow Real Estate

FREE on both OS: This app is mostly centric to the needs of buyers’ and puts over 100 million searchable properties right on your mobile device. You can also sign up to receive notifications for favorites that you’re watching and get price estimates based on market trends.

3. Real Estate by Trulia

FREE on both OS: Like Zillow above, this app is also keyed in on buyer needs. Trulia adds the ability to use your device’s GPS to find homes nearby while you’re on the move and adds terrific features like crime maps and school locations.

4. 360 Panorama

99 cents on iOs: Specific to Apple users, this app lets users stitch together several photos into an interactive and sharable picture showing a full 360 degrees of space. This is a wonderful app for home sellers and gives you an added edge in showcasing your property.

5. Skitch

FREE on both OS: Skitch is a great way for users to customize photos and PDFs with boxes, highlights, arrows, and text. So for the home sellers that want to bring added attention to a new improvement (like cabinets or appliances) on their property flyers or MLS photos, this will certainly do the job.

6. Zillow Digs

FREE on iPad only: Zillow Digs is an app exclusive not only to Apple but more specifically to the iPad. This allows homebuyers to actually update the space they’re viewing with their own personal DIY options and also helps the buyer estimate the costs of the change.

7. Zillow Mortgage Marketplace

FREE on both OS: Knowing how much house you can truly afford will save you a ton of money and stress in the long run (not to mention staying far away from a foreclosure). With Zillow Mortgage Marketplace, buyers can budget monthly payments and look around for loan quotes.

8. Docusign Ink

FREE on both OS, ($15/month to upgrade): After all terms have been agreed to between all parties on the real estate transaction, you’ll find Docusign will save you a ton of time. This app will help you get the necessary signatures to make your home sale official. All you need is your phone and your finger.

9. QR Code Reader

FREE on both OS: Maybe you’ve noticed them and maybe you haven’t, but, they’re there. QR codes are seemingly taking over the world and real estate has become their new playground. As a home buyer you’ll want to keep this app handy as QR codes on for sale signs, business cards, etc. can be easily scanned for quick information.

10. Homesnap

FREE on both OS: If you’ve ever driven by a home as a potential buyer and wondered “how much is this one worth?”, wonder no more. With homesnap you can take a photo of the front of the house with your mobile device and a few seconds later the current estimated value of the property shows up! It also shows you what it was sold for, property taxes and nearby schools. Wow!

Resources and Knowledge Ease Stress

When it comes to real estate sales and home buying, we at Roman Pavlik are here to provide you with the expertise and resources needed to make it as stress-free and fulfilling an experience as possible. Be sure to also visit http://goheronbay.com for more listings and resources. When you’re ready to get moving, give us a call or a click and let’s talk!

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